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Our company manufactures and supplies name tags, award mounts and commendations for public safety agencies and other recognition programs across the United States. We began our offering’s in our hometown of Chicago in 1975 as a small engraving company. We have since expanded nationally and have also supplied materials internationally. As a first responder owned company our main mission is working with our public safety agencies. If your organization needs to revamp your recognition program or simply needs supplies please give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!

-Owner, Michael Chuchro

Make this the year you join other agencies across the country in implementing your award/commendation program. We will help in all planning of your program by working directly with your procurement personnel to make things as seamless as possible.


-The Tagman Team

Our History

Established in 1975 as Larry’s Engraving, our company was located at 2042 West 35th Street. The business was owned and operated by Larry and Cathy Ford. Larry developed the screw back name tag, due to complaints from Chicago Cops and Crossing Guards wearing the name tags on their heavy uniform coats and leather jackets. Prior to the screw back, the standard butterfly clutch was used. As a result the name tags would frequently fall off of the jacket or get torn off in a scuffle.

In 1997, the business was purchased by Michael Petrey and Dona Turgeon. Dona was the co-owner of Turgeon Bay, a local tavern, located at 2645 W. 43rd Street. It was only by happenstance that Michael and Dona made the decision to purchase the business. It all came about when one of the tavern’s customers, a Chicago Cop, made a casual remark to Dona as she tended bar. He told her that he didn’t know where the cops were going to get their name tags from since their go to place, Larry’s Engraving, was closing due to retirement. This comment peaked Dona’s interest and after contacting Larry, she and Mike purchased the business. Michael and Dona relocated the business to a room in the back of the tavern. They then re-branded the business as CFE-Tagman and picked up where Larry left off.

It’s all in the name! What does CFE-Tagman stand for? The CFE is an acronym for “Chicago’s Finest Engravers” designated such after the very clientele the business served. The second part, Tagman, is the nickname Michael was given by the Chicago Cops. When a cop needed a name tag the cops would say go see the Tagman!

In 2001, Michael and Dona sold their tavern and relocated CFE-Tagman to Fox Lake, Wisconsin where they continued to operate the business out of their home. In 2009, Michael and Dona once again relocated the business to their new home in Palmetto, Florida where it continued to operate. In 2023, CFE-Tagman was acquired by Blue HQ, LLC and relocated its operations back to Chicago, IL. Blue HQ is owned and operated by one of Chicago’s Finest.

Through word of mouth, CFE-Tagman has become known as an awards and recognition engraving company producing name tags, award ribbons and their components. Our products are now carried by all Chicago area uniform stores and in other shops nationwide.

Our Process

Each piece is hand assembled by us, in the USA. Variations in size and style can be accommodated. You dictate the size and finish of your brass or plastic tag along with the type of backing. Plaques, trophies, awardsare also available, if it’s engravable, or made, we’ve got you covered.

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A Company You Can Trust

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, CFE-Tagman is a supplier of police awards, mountings for commendations, cloth ribbons, enamel bars, nametags, non-federal service ribbons, state national guard ribbons, state ribbons and cloth ribbons.

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