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Looking to develop an awards program for your agency? Here at CFE-Tagman, we are happy to assist in the development of an awards program for your agency. We’ll help you select the type of awards and configurations to get you started. Below are some helpful planning and strategy tips your agency can use to develop a successful awards program.


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Simple planning and strategy tips for success

Creating an awards program through your professional organization can be a rewarding process for all involved. Not only does this allow your agency to honor and recognize its members or organizations for any number of accomplishments or milestones, but it also creates positive engagement and goodwill among your professional community. For those being recognized, it can enhance awareness and credibility.

Recognition for agency members has been shown to improve employee morale and engagement. According to Quantum Workplace, “When employees believe they will be recognized they are 2.7 times more likely to be highly engaged.”

If you are starting a new awards program from scratch, there are a few important questions to ask as you get the process started. Just like the basic foundation of report writing starts with the five W’s; answering the five W’s can be a solid place to start when building out an awards program as well.

The five W’s ask the questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why?

WHO is being recognized? Is this an internal award program for employees? An external award program recognizing citizens or organizations?

WHAT is the purpose of the recognition? Create a mission statement that helps define the purpose of the award. Also, what will the winners receive: a ribbon, medal, certificate or lapel pin?

WHEN How frequently or when will the honor be awarded? Set clear directives for nominations, requirements for and when the awards will be officially presented.

WHERE will your program be administered? Internally or publically? Will it be publicized? Are online, direct marketing, or print materials needed? Will you hold a live event to celebrate the awards program?

WHY is this award being established and why are the winners selected? Make sure to establish clear criteria, which is incredibly helpful for both those looking to nominate individuals as well as for your selection committee to use as a benchmark for selection choices.

Once you’ve answered these questions it’s time to map out your launch plan. The easiest way to do this is to take those 5 “Ws” and break them down into smaller action steps. Identify who will be a part of the team. Create a punch list of everything that needs to be done, broken down by the various phases of the project and review the list regularly to prioritize and reprioritize based on status updates from the team.

Some steps in the process will include:

  • Establish a team for the project and assign tasks (public relations, graphic design, judging, etc.)
  • Create a complete timeline for the whole project start to finish
  • Set your deadlines
  • Establish the award criteria
  • Create a nomination form
  • Define a selection committee
  • Event planning
  • Budgeting
  • Establish a communication plan for the program
  • Schedule post-program evaluation and analysis

While the idea of establishing an awards program from scratch may seem daunting at first, you will find once the initial program is established, it can easily become a well-oiled machine year after year, and one you and your agency will find incredibly gratifying.

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