RIBBON ATTACHMENT: Hourglass Device – 5/16″ Silver


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Criteria:ÿThe Hourglass Device is awarded as an attachment to the Armed Forces Reserve Medal to members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have demonstrated total service as part of the Reserve or National Guard. An Hourglass Device may be bronze to indicate 10 years of service, silver to indicate 20 years of service or gold to indicate 30 years of service. 40 years of service may be demonstrated by wearing both a bronze and a gold Hourglass Device. This is the only circumstance when two hourglass devices may be worn together. The Mobility Device was authorized to be worn beside the Hourglass device in 1995. The Mobility Device is worn in the center of the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with the Hourglass Device on the wearer’s right and bronze award numerals on the left.

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